I carry my T270 sans-case whenever Iíve got enough pockets so the Treo can have a front pants pocket all to itself. On occasions when I donít have enough pockets, Iíve used the Brookstone case. I havenít used it often enough for it to get floppy. However, I donít like the belt clip. Iím afraid it will slip off my belt without my knowing it in a cab or in the subway and Iíll be sans-Treo.

Until something better comes to my attention, Iíll use Incipioís Treo case instead. It reminds me of Handspringís Action Pack case Ė but IMO itís of better quality. Incipioís case is made of ballistic nylon . Like Handspringís case, this one has a Velcro closure, D-ring, similar belt attachment, and mesh pocket for the earbud on the side of the case. I think the type of belt clip used in these holsters offers the greatest security.

The Incipio case has a clear window on the top, with a cut-out that enables you to change the ringer setting without opening the case. However, I find that you cannot see the LED through this clear window as advertised. It is obscured by the black nylon edging that the clear vinyl window is attached to. I donít consider this a deal-breaker though because I couldnít see the LED with the Brookstone case either.

In the Incipio case, the Treo faces inward, which means it will be in the correct position in your hand when you take it out of the case. You can plug in your headset while the case is closed but the jog rocker switch is covered. This case has more padding than I expected, but not so much as to make it prohibitively bulky. The D ring is positioned lower on the Incipio case than the one on the Handspring case appears to be. This case cost me $26.94 including shipping and arrived in 5 days from MySmartPhone.com.

Iím intrigued by the horizontally mounted case from Leather International, reviewed in another posting by Treopolis. As others have opined, Iíd prefer a Velcro closure to that caseís snap. Iím also a little leery of itís belt clip. Anyone else checked it out?