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    Ok, so I've purchased the cradle for my Treo and it sits for a better part of the workday in the cradle. It'd be nice to have it display a clock, some photos, whatever, while it's charging. However, with all of the screen problems that Handspring has had thus far, should I even dare use something like OnCradleOn to keep the display on constantly when the unit is charging??

    I'm assuming leaving the screen on indefinitely isn't likely to do any harm? How about previous Visor Prism owners who used OnCradleOn - any input?
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    At the risk of jinxing myself, I've used OnCradleOn with my Visor Prism with no issues, and on my Treo 270 ever since I got it in mid June.

    It seems to work fine. I have, at times, left my Treo 270 sitting in the cradle for a few hours (turned on) with no ill effects.

    Your milage may vary.
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