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    is there flash memory in the treo 300? does jackflash or any other similar program work with a 300? is there a hack that allows me to remove "stock" software?
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    No jack flash does not work on the 300. (I tried last night) At some point they may update it so it will work. (assuming the 300 actually has flash) I haven't seen any other talk about flash and the 300.
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    The Treo (according to Sprint's filings with the FCC) has two flash chips, one for the Palm OS and one for the digital modem instructions (not exactly the right description, but close, I hope). The former may eventually be accessible using an updated version of JackFlash or other similar program. The later will not likely be accessible. At some point we may also see aftermarket upgrades, too, as the system should support a 32MB chip.
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    That would be cool to be able to solder in a new 32meg chip. I don't know if I would have the guts to do it. But it would be cool.

    Thanks for the flash confirmation

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