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    I love my new Treo 300, but would like to pick up a belt clip and a cradle. I'd also like to get a stylus that had something more, like a pen or something hidden inside.

    I've heard of people getting accessories for their 300. Where are you getting them? Are the Treo 90/180/270 accessories compatable with the 300?

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    I got some cradles from handspring. The 270 cradle is compatible with the 300. Amazon and others also carry these accessories at better prices:
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    They got some great prices at Amazon. I'm sorry I already bought the cradle at Compusa for $49.99. Could have saved $28 which would have made it worth it. $50 bucks seems pretty high for a cradle. So if anyone wants one or other access.. I'd jump on the deals from Amazon before they go away!
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    Also, Amazon has lowered their FREE SHIPPING minimum requirement to $25!

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