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    this kind of opinion is growing out, as I can understand through both treocentral discussions and personal experience.

    I'm going to replace my device for 2nd time, so I'll got my 3th Treo. I read here about many people with same situation, others with more replacements.

    when I wrote my feelings to replace my 180 with a 270, someone warned me: the 270 is far from being perfect, it has got many issues, and it gets replaced just like the 180.

    I find Treo really useful, a killer device which suits my needs. however, I find it too fragile for me. and I can assure you, I'm a really lazy and always_sat_down man, I'm a (damn) tech for the IT world, so think about clean desks, soft environments.

    now, I'm waiting for my replacement: I hope it to be one of the 'latest' Treo available, and I hope Handspring has taken our feedbacks in consideration, so to release stronger Treo's.
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    I'm in the exact same boat... never dropped... and unfortunatly never worked (consistently that is)

    Still hopping for a chance at some real Customer Service here.
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    Dropped from over 6ft a couple of times

    On a complete bender with the boys in Zürich, used it as a pillow while waiting for the first train back to Genève

    Fell off my belt clip, bounced on the ground and then I stood on it

    My mates kid decided to use it as a hammer... against my TV (Grrrrr.... little brat)

    OK, it's sporting a few dents but I think it's pretty tough... Oh, it's in a Krusell case
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    my second 180g's speakerphone has gone dead. now i am not sending it for repair any more because it'll definitely only last a quarter of a year after being repaired. i am now forced to get used to using the headset (here too, my first one's jack broke and i am waiting for a second one) all the time when phoning. i have written to handspring describing the problem, lets see what they say.
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    Too Fragile. Had to replace mine this weekend when the hinge just shattered when opening a call. I'm wondering if the Handspring Swiveling Belt holster might not be part of the problem.

    I've never dropped the phone but I do need to pull-up in the area of the hinge to get the phone out of the holster. perhaps it's the stress of removal that weakens the hinge.

    But then that big ole screen doesn't exactly lend itself to endurance.
    One of co-workers has a Kyocera Palm phone, and it's practically indestructable.

    Maybe they should outsource the manufacturing to motorola, those phones (older flip and brick models) just NEVER die.
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    Originally posted by matro
    when I wrote my feelings to replace my 180 with a 270, someone warned me: the 270 is far from being perfect, it has got many issues, and it gets replaced just like the 180.

    Honestly I have more respect for the Treo communicators then most members on these board.

    And not without reason: I have dropped my 270 off my belt clip as a result of my hand hitting it hard on a forward motion and the treo flew off the holster bounced hard on our garage concrete floor head over antena over heels and then it slide a good three meters on its face. I Picked it up, opened the flip lid not only did it come on as expected but it was still logged on to the network.

    The only damage is all the four corners are somewhat scratched and face plate is scratched at the hinge and the bulge with the handspring logo.

    I just love my Treo.

    Although I have lost respect for the belt clip eversince.
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    I don't really go out of my way to protect my Treo. I don't jump on it, obviously, but I don't put it in a case or do anything special. It's as good as the day I got it. I love it.
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    I have dropped my treo out of my shirt pocket twice. Both times from less than 2 feet.

    The aerial has broken off and needs repair. I compare this to my other cell-phones - nokia, ericcson etc which get regularly dropped and keep on trucking - I am not impressed at all.

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