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    Just installed the new MS Entourage PDA sync conduit. With MissingSync, I am now able to sync my Treo 300 flawlessly with Entourage X. If you detest the Palm 4 Mac desktop as I do, this is the fix for you!
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    Are you able to synch your email with entourage and treo?

    Do you need a usb driver for the treo to use with OSX?


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    i have the same question. does anyone know if you can sync your entourage email with your treo 300 (sprint)? thanks.
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    I've been syncing with Entourage X with Palm Desktop 4 and iBook running 10.2.2 no additional drivers, not even the Handspring ver of Palm Desktop. I've had no problems.

    And YES you can sync Entourage X email with the Treo. I did for a while but quit because I have a seperate email account set up, and when sending mail from the Treo auto BCC my mobile account. When it's checked in Entourage X a rule sends it to the Sent Items marked as read. When check mail in Entouage X leave a copy on the server as you would on the Treo.

    OK so here's how to sync Entourage X with your Treo:
    1. Mark/Space Mail Palm email app
    2. QueueSync conduit
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    hey, thanks for the info. i tried sync'ing using the conduit and mark/mail. it is able to get my email if it downloads it wirelessly. but it did not sync with my entourage during hotsync. i told it to sync read mail as well. any clue?
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    I had no issues syncing the 300 with Entourage, iSync or Palm. Despite my hopes that iCal would be the answer, I switched to Entourage and now I've come full circle to Palm Desktop. Never needed Missing Sync...just the Treo version of Palm Desktop and OS 10.2

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    ok, i'm confused. are you saying you were able to sync entourage's email with your treo? or did you switch back to palm? thanks.

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