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    I kept getting a fatal error with something to do with the datebook. I did a reset, but it kept happening. I tried to do a hard reset, but it is stuck on the Palm Powered splash screen. I can't hard reset it and soft resets just bring me to the same screen. What do I do?
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    We need more info before we can really offer assistance.

    Forgive me, but I have no clue how new you are to the PalmOS platform. So, when you say you keep getting the same screen-- soft resets will always cause that Palm Powered logo to appear. Sometimes, it stays on screen for a longer period than you might expect, perhaps a full minute or so [never timed it].

    As for the hard reset, I've personally never heard of that process not working. You're saying that you, simultaneously, held down the power button while also inserting the pin into the reset button? You don't release the button til the screen goes black. When you do so, a message should pop up on screen asking if you're sure you want to do this.

    BTW, what did you see that caused you to suspect a problem with Datebook? And had you recently installed new software, either on the device or desktop???

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