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    Hey dudes,

    I ordered my Treo 300 from Handspring last Thursday still hasn't shipped out of their main warehouse....

    I kind of wanted to get it any of you know how long it usually takes Handspring to ship these things out?

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    I ordered my Treo on the 12th and had it on the 14th. I guess the early bird...
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    Ordered on a Mon, received on Thurs. Are you sure it made it thru credit card processing? Handspring should've sent an e-mail with a link to check status.
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    Cheer up, mine said awaiting shipment even when it arrived (about 3 bus. days).
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    Mine also took 3 days.
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    I also ordered my Handspring 270 on Thursday AM and I am still in the awaiting shipment mode. One of the reasons for the delay is getting your telephone account set up although I am a returning Cingular customer with my Visorphone.
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    Thanks for the comments!

    It just shipped out.......if I call Airborne, is there anyway of changing the shipping addresses?

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    Doubt it, but you could try. Once it is shipped, it will be there in 2 days....

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    I ordered mine on the 20ths and am still waiting. They agreed to waive the $11.00 overnight delivery fee. They really should since they advertised it as being "in stock" when I ordered. In the meantime I ended up buying one locally at a Sprint store.
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    I strongly considered buying one today at the Sprint Store......but.....I didn't want to go through the hassle of returning it........I wanted the FREE car charger......and I would feel bad, because the Handspring sales rep was really excited when she made my order (I think she got a good credit for that sale)......

    so......either Friday or Monday, according to Airborne.......

    Airborne, if you're reading this, please HURRY

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