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    Well, I upgraded my I300 to the Treo 300 yesterday. Called customer service at 2pm. After 40 minutes they told me to wait 2 hours and I would have service again. I'm talking about just getting my voice service up and running, let alone the 3G data service. 3 hours later and nothing. So I called and after 30 minutes on hold and 20 minutes with a tech, I was assured it was fixed and that my voice service would be up shortly. 3 hours later, still nothing.. Called again, 20 minutes hold, 40 minutes with tech and of course their system does their nightly shut down but I was assured again a technical person would get it working in the morning. Guess what? 2 more calls, 1 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon; total 1.5 hours mostly on hold and still nothing!!!

    They blame it on the 3G upgrade, and claim yet again it will be working tomorrow. I should be patient but this is my work phone, and it's killing me. Not to say that I should get special treatment but I've been with Sprint for 5 years and my average phone bill is close to $200/month. This whole fiasco is making me want to reconsider.

    Sorry for the venting... I hope all this wasted time and frustration is worth it. The Treo does seem allot better than my i300.

    Anyone else have this much trouble?

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    I upgraded from a Verizon Kyocera 6035, and let me say first I haven't gotten my Treo yet. I called Sprint on the 17th, it was a number I was given because I work for a retailer that handles Sprint. Anyway, the first time I called they emailed me a form to fill out and fax back, which was no problem. I called then on Monday to check up on it, and was told that it hadn't been processed yet, but the rep I spoke with had done so just now. She also told me that I would recieve my Treo in 2 to 3 business days and to call back in a day to get a tracking number. I waited till Friday to call, and they told me that their computers have been down for over a day now and that my order still hasn't been processed, it was there but nothing had been done yet, I should call back Monday to get the tracking number. So needless to say I'm really wishing I still had my old Kyo, I canceled it, thinking it would only take a day or so. I never realized how much I used my smartphone till I didn't have one. I'm just crossing my fingers in hopes that I'll really be happy with the Treo, I guess I needed to vent a little too

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    For what it's worth, I think it's worth the wait. I've had mine for a little over two weeks, and it's like having my office in my pocket. Really delightful! So hang in there....

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    I dont know why you are not getting voice. Thats really bad on Sprints part. As for 3G, I had to wait over a week for data. They said I had to wait for my billing cycle to roll over.

    I to am a long time sprint customer. It seems the new customer is up and going in minutes, but a loyal customer gets the shaft on this transition to "Vision". I understand that this is a big technical transition for Sprint, but Ford doesnt sell their latest car when it only half works and expect you to deal with it until they get their act together. We take it as a matter of course for hi-tech.

    Final note: Ive had my Treo up and running for over a week now. Its certainly the coolest toy Ive ever had in my pocket. Stick it out if you can.
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    Silly question,

    have you tried turning it off and leaving it off for a while? Is your old phone (assuming you are replacing a number) off? (This happened to me )

    Good luck, It's worth the wait, even if just for the BC push email... That has to be the coolest thing I've seen in a while
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    I've tried leaving the phone off. It's been 42 hours and still nothing. If I leave the phone off, I can at least get to my voice mail from a land line. Weird thing is, if I turn on my phone, I get a message saying the PCS customers number is temporarily out of service. So I've left the phone off most of the time, so at least people can leave me a voice mail.

    Holding right now for customer service 20 minutes and counting....
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    I have been a SPRINT customer for 3 years

    31 hours is pretty good.
    I received my Treo 300 on Sat 8/17/02

    Opened the box and backed up my old data and synched on Sun 8/18/02
    Starting calling Sprint to activate the phone on Mon 8/19/02

    "System does not recognize the ESN"

    Called Handspring on Fri 8/23/02 to ask about return procedure and they took the ESN and told me they would contact SPRINT and get the ESN in the SPRINT system within 48 hours.

    I will call later today.
    At least both SPRINT and Handspring have acknowledged that there is a problem.
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    Well, after promise after promise and about a total of 8 hours on the phone. No joke, 9 hours. Minimum 1 hour each time, with the last 2 calls lasting about 2 hours each. Still no voice or for that matter data service. I even got a tech to give me his e-mail and extension. He did get back to me today, and the last conversation was 3 hours ago promising that I would be up in an hour.

    This is absolutely ridiculous. Grant it, I have not hit the 7 day mark yet, but I think 4 1/2 days is pretty bad.

    I'm so jealous of all of you who got up and running so quickly. I should have just kept my I300???
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    I've been using the wireless web on my other sprint phones for years now.. and I obught my first sprint phone as soon as they came avaible in houston.

    Since then... I've become a customer, an Employee, and now a Manager of a Radio Shack that sells Sprint PCS...

    Vision so far has been a very frustrating wait for me. I just hit my 8th day today and low and behold at work today Vision finally began working.

    I had changed out my stores demo phone yesterday, and it never worked. Early this morning no luck but I kept messing with it through out the morning when i noticed the vision website loaded. I was shocked and happy. I then thought if it works on this phone... It should work on my treo 300. BAM!!! it's works and it works well....

    8 days!!! I bought it for myslef on my birthday last Tuesday. I checked my email, looked at weather, browsed the net., and checked my stock...

    I've owned a Kyocera 6035 and i remember the extremely painful long wait for check my eudora email. It's zips right through it...

    I've so far very happy with speed... Only problem: My bill is going be high as hell from now on!!! DARN Sprint PCS... why do they have to charge so much!!!
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    31 hours is ridiculous! I thought my ISP was bad....... Having to wait that long is frankly, extremely poor customer service IMO. I thought Sprint would be more helpful than that. I have had no trouble with my phone but now I am dreading that first call to support.
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    So now, it's Thursday. No voice since saturday. Total logged about 16 hours of hold time and customer no support. At least 10 different people who "promised" that they would follow up and take responsibility to get my account working. And now to top it off they cancelled my number and say that they may have to assign me a new number. Did I mention this is my business phone and have had it for 5 years? Not acceptable.
    Of course their system is down right now. again....

    Someday I hope it will work....
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    Next time you talk with customer "no" service, demand to speak with a supervisor (you'll be put on hold again)...that person (hopefully) will have more knowledge. And, let him/her know how steamed you are. With the phone companies (including Sprint), the "squeaky wheel" theory works (at least better than the alternative). Not even having voice capability is simply unacceptable. Scream, yell, rant, rave (no profanity...they'll just hang up). If the supervisor can't help you, ask to speak to the director...just keep moving up the ladder. every time. If it can be fixed, it will this way.

    Take it from one who knows...been inside.

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