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    I just bought a Treo 90, and the screen seems overall pretty dim. However, the upper right corner fades into a very bright screen. Anyone else have this problem?
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    Many of us have had this problem. The upper right corner is the location of the backlight. All of the units I have seen have had this to one degree or another, but some are worse than others, so you might consider swapping your unit if the bright spot is especially bad.

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    They're all pretty much identical in this trait. The corner brightness is affected by type of light and how you have the screen contrast set. The Treo looks dimmer under flourescent lights than other kinds of indoor lighting.

    After a week I forgot the hotspot was there.
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    I've had a Treo for a few days, didn't even notice the hot spot until I read this board, now I notice it. But not a major problem.
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    Did you try double clicking your power button??????? This turns your backlight on and off. You have to do it quickly, but mine looked dim one time and I went to the Handspring website and searched under the FAQs and found that if you press the power button twice quickly it will turn the backlight on and off. This is different than when the backlight goes out all together. I had that happen to the first Treo that I bought back in June, but the new replacement hasn't given me any trouble at all. Give this a try and see if that doesn't help. You can also try the contrast the blue button and then the Q...this will allow you to adjust your contrast. Good luck.
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    Cool trick. I guess this was built in for using the treo in the dark. However, the backlight is just dimmed and the hotspot is more pronounced in the dim mode.
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    This trick is also useful for conserving battery life when you are far from your charger!

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