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    I too have had the fatal exception error when using the car charger. I rigged up a votmeter to the car charger and also one to the home charger. I also installed a battery monitor utility and did some troubleshooting for volts and milliamperes draw. It seemed that the car charger included with the Treo 300 was not performing properly since it cycled from charge to discharge on a recurring basis which is what triggered the timer exception fault.

    I then purchased a Handspring (OEM) car charger and havent had a problem since. The problem is hardware related to the car charger itself and is not Treo hardware or software related.

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    I am having the same problem. I thought it was related to software. I am glad you made your post. Do you think Handspring will replace the charger?
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    Here is my thought, and Im only saying this because this is pure supposition.

    Sprint probably went to a 3rd party charger provider so they could bundle it all together. More than likely it was a cost issue since the 2 chargers are quite different. In the process, whoever Sprint went to, provided them with a either a bad batch of chargers or alternatively didnt design the pin points correctly. My guess is its not a Handspring scenario but purely one for Sprint to rebate and deal with.

    Again, just a thought since I have absolutely no evidence to support that.

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    Will the TREO 270 charger from Handspring do the trick,or are we talking about another brand
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    I went to my local Cingular store, and asked for a Handspring OEM car charger. It works just fine.

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    I had a fatal exception downloading email on Eudora while using the Instant Power charger of Electric fuel. This is a chemical power supply. The crash requied a hard reset, so sounds similar to the charger problem.

    I'm wondering if the problem is a sudden, short-lived power draw that causes the voltage to fluctuate on modest power sources. I've had no difficulty with these power sources except the one time using the phone, but I haven't used them that much.

    I and someone else had blamed this problem on Eudora.

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