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    does anyone have the smtp settings for
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    Originally posted by oldnew
    does anyone have the smtp settings for
    Why dont you check with the pacbell suooprt page, or use the same ones that you are using on your computer
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    i have not been able to use the smtp address that i use on my pc. i have read several other posts and it seems that some (like att) block the port to prevent spam. i have called for support, but the pacbell telephone support has been no help.

    i am looking for someone that may know the smpt port i can use or tell me how to find out which port to use.

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    Try the same ports as ATTBI uses outside the broadband connection:

    Incoming port POP: 995
    Outgoing port SMTP: 465

    see if that works
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    i tried the attbi ports and they did not work.

    any other way to find the ports that might work?

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