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    I am contemplating the addition of a protector for the clear panel on the flip top and/or screen. It looks like the screen is well protected by the flip top and I never had any scratches on my Palm Pilots in the past so I am not convinced that it is needed for the screen. Anyone have any experience with the Treo screen for a length of time to offer advice?

    Also, I wanted to see what people think of putting a protector on the clear panel located on the flip? Does it scratch easily? Any suggestions?
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    There is one made by FELLOWES that is available at Comp USA...

    It is MADE FOR the 270 (and 300) to handle color screens!

    Its like 25 bucks for a year supply.. 12 of them.

    Make sure to get the right ones.. do NOT just get the Treo ones... make sure it is the ones for the 270.
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    I bought the one's for the 270, but did not like what they did to the screen. I cut my old SONY T615 protectors and they look great
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    The fellowes protectors seem to get bad reviews around here.
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    I bought the Fellowes protectors on Saturday and went through four of them before I got a fit on the Treo screen that looked good. The problem with the Fellowes protectors is being able to put them on without getting fingerprints on them and most importantly being able not to have air bubbles between the screen and the protector.
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    I've been using the fellowes on my last two visors (deluxe and prism) and now the treo.

    They are actually very good...

    Once they are attached, they do not get marked by fingerprints, which is very useful. In fact, I had my prism with only one of them for about 8 months.

    For the bubbles, realize that you do need to try and get most of them out, but the rest will dissapear with time.

    No, I don't work for the company... they work very well for me, and as I usually ***** about things that dont work, this product I like
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