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    Does anyone know of any software that I can use to set a time I would like wireless mode to be turn on and then turn off?
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    (This does NOT work on the Treo 300.)
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    Sorry I'm a 270 owner. I didn't see the comment at the bottom (does not work on Treo 300) You can send an e-mail to there support and see if there are plans to update the software for Treo300 I'm sure they are working on it
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    Once Handspring posts the SDK for the Treo 300, we MAY consider updating TreoTools for the Treo 300; however, after receiving email from user today that reads:

    "In that case your program sucks." when we could not provide support for our free program, we are rethinking if we will update TreoTools and even if we will continue writing software for the Treo.

    It really hurts to receive email like this; while I personally have a Treo 300 and really want to update TreoTools, I can't right now. Even if I do, I'm not sure I'll release it to the public.
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    I also write software for the palm
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    Originally posted by johnpalm
    I also write software for the palm
    Interesting programs at your website. I'd suggest taking a look at the Palm OS UI guidelines: Following them really does improve the look and feel of your products.
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    From what I've read and seen, treotools is a great program. Of course we understand that you need an SDK before you update your program.

    I've never used treotools, because until the 300 I never owned a treo. But I still appreciate the great work you've done on a magnificant program. Don't ley some ***** taint your opinion of the rest of us. For all you know, he's some mole working at m$soft.
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    Well your efforts are appreciated! There are always going to be idiots out there. Hopefully they will get a fatal error .....

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