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    After initiating a call w/ my speakerphone on, I only hear a muffled, static-like sound while the phone on the other end is ringing - almost sounds like the speaker is blown. However, once the call picks up, the voice sounds OK. Is this normal?
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    normal for me
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    I personally think the whole sound part of the 300 sucks. I mean wasn't it tested? I have on occasion put the speaker phone on low/medium and used it as a regular (held up to my ear like a non-speaker phone call). The sound is the worst part of the phone in my opinion.
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    I've really had no issues.. The person at the other end of the speakerphone hears you great... They doi not sound "great' but you can hear them.

    If you use the speakerphone to your ear, you will overmodulate to the caller as the mic becomes more sensative in sspeakerphone mode.

    The earpiece sounds just fine for the most part... and I used the headphone today extensively and that works better than any phone I ever had.

    The biggest problem is the quality of the speakerphone... and it isn't horrible.

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