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    Well here goes a first post:

    Trying to log in to without any luck.
    I've been to and that doesn't even offer login capability.
    Tried just going to and logging with my normal user name and password but that doesn't work either (both secure and non secure).

    Do I have an improper setting on blazer? Or am I going to the wrong URL? Any other subscribers out there successfully logging in to wsj/barrons online?

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    I too have tried to find a good version of the WSJ for my Treo 300, something that looks like the What's News column format of the Avantgo service. Having navigated the site looking for insight but without success I'm going to write them in hopes of an answer.

    First one with an answer please rush back and post!

    Cheers, Travis
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    First, here's the link from the WSJ site that describes the mobile options available:

    Second, I have found that the only WSJ info. I can get on a non-WAP device is by using the WSJ channel on AvantGo.
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    Following up on ENagel's tip, I found at Handango a file which contains WSJCOM.pqa. Of course, Web Clippings are nothing to write home about but they're better than WAP. Haven't installed it so I can't give a testimonial but I expect I'll still be yeaning for the AvantGo version of WSJ.

    Hope the Journal gets around to providing a decent Palm OS browser version of the site to those of us who have forked over the annual web site subscription fee.

    If anyone finds anything better then please post your insights. Thanks, Travis

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