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    I am trying to find a way to receive email automatically.

    I am using the rules in outlook to forward a certain type of email.

    Is there an address i can forward it to that will get it to my Treo?

    your help is appreciated.
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    Hmmm. There is a Sprint email address that is associated with your account, but I've never bothered to try to access mine, and I don't know if it truly works with the Treo.

    I have 3 different email accounts, and I access them using the Treo. The setup is quite similar to the way you set up an email account in Outlook. I suppose you could set up Outlook to read from one account, then forward it to another account on the Treo. Or you could use one of many products to access the same account that Outlook is reading, right from the Treo (or use something like Treomail, Aileron, or Sprint's product to serve as an intermediary in this process).

    Eudora, which is free and works on the Treo, will filter mail, something like Outlook will, but more primitively.

    Is this helpful? I probably could talk you through this more easily than I could type you through it!
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    Investigate Sprint Business Connection Software... It is a much better solution to have emails pushed to your treo. There are several threads on Sprint Business Connection and email that are active in which folks talk highly of it.
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    I'm not sure about the "rules in outlook to forward a certain type of email " that you are referring to, but I was able to get my e-mail forwarded from my existing ISP to my e-mail address. If you set up your sprint e-mail to auto-notify you on the Treo, that will accomplish your objective. I receive an SMS on the phone notifying me to check my e-mail, then I connect w/ Eudora and retreive any mail from

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