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    While I'm still trying to figure it out, does anyone else feel ripped off over the lack of easy ringers and screen saver options advertised for 3g phones? Maybe they are out there, but Sprint has not made them easy to find or use. Anyone had any luck?
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    Actually SprintPCS never claimed the games, ringers and screen savers for the PDA's. If you look at the PCS Vision brochure price list you do not see the icons for those items. Actually, if you go to the SprintPCS website and select shop for phones you will not see those icons under the PCS Free & Clear with Vision : Recommended for PDA and Smart Phone users.
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    I don't need the screen savers, or the picture of the fish, or the hoky camera add-on. Now, true 56k speed through the built-in blazer web browser would be nice

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