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    For those who, like me, usually visit only this particular "Treo90" board at this site --- I noticed this thread at another part of this forum site: (March 2, 2002)
    discussing an infrared modem. I did some research. First, a brief description--

    The What
    Made by Psion initially for its devices, but revised in 2000 for both Palm and PocketPC devices. About the size of a small generic mouse; runs on 2 AA batteries; rated for, roughly, 4 straight hours of use. Optional GSM [think it's an $$add-on, but not sure yet]

    ====== Most informative pages ======
    Issue 4.2 of Handheld Computing (Sept 2001)

    Psion's "56k Travel Modem" page << (U.K.) click "Travel Modem" in left column

    $129 at HP's online store; "same day shipping"
    Emailed and called HP. Polite, but they refuse to confirm/deny current PalmOS friendliness. Guy DID state "infrared is infrared". HP appears to be sole US distributor, presumably through an exclusivity contract. As best as I can tell, it's the same device, with "for Jornada' slapped onto it.

    Best all-around Overview, w/screenshots (Sept 6, 2000); includes PDA screens for configuring the thing
    Pay special attention to the "Conclusion" section toward the bottom of page.
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    Before I got my 180, I had a Psion 56K IR modem with my Visor. I can vouch 100% for its PalmOS compatibility. I really liked it. Search on my posts and you should find my comments. Too bad I already sold it.
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    I had one for my psion and traded it to a friend with a Visor. He used it all over Europe as well as here with no problems. The battery lifespan is better than any other battery-powered modem I know of.

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