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    I've been annoyed by the inability to see several pages I've tried to access through Blazer. It gives me the error message that it can't view java script pages.

    My greatest frustration is that I can sign into my email account, and I can even see my message list (by hitting the back button and then picking one of the three link options after I get an initial error page), but then can't open any of the email messages because Blazer doesn't support java script. (I've noticed that yahoo mail now uses java script, but gives you the option of using the old non-java site - I don't believe offers this option).

    Short of avoiding the site altogether, does anyone have a suggestion? I've been told by tech at Handspring that they don't think it's possible to ever view these pages. Guess I'm just hoping for a miracle. Thanks!
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    Have you tried ?
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    Have you tried Xiino? It is, I think, the only browser that supports javascript. It has limited support, but there are a large number of websites that render way better. I find myself using both blazer and xiino for different sites. Yahoo mail doesn't work through blazer (you can see it, and delete it, but replying to it renders incomprehensibly). No problem with xiino. Available at palmgear, 30 free trial.

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