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    the best thing about owning a treo is being on treocentral's bbs!! i just filled in a bunch of my bookmarks with the stuff in this thread. up until this minute, i was not really sure what i should be using my wireless web for. now i know!!
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    The one thing I miss from my i300 is access to Yahoo's Local information. It is only available from WAP browsers. I know you are going to say that Blazer supports WAP sites but Yahoo does some browser compatibility checking and since Blazer supports HTML, WML, etc, I get an error when trying to access it. gives you different pages in Blazer and a WAP browser (like the YoSpace emulator at

    Browsing to would generally take you to or would take you to This gives an error in Blazer. It would be great if you could set the browser type in Blazer so when it connects to a site, it could report anything you wanted.

    Anyone have a suggestion on how to overcome this?
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    Did you try typing in the URL that you are supposed to go to, directly into Blazer?

    For example:

    I did it and it seemed to work. There is a registration process and I didn't feel like going through it right now but it did present the page without Blazer errors.

    To enter an = sign, press blue option, F, 0 (without holding the option key), and select the = sign from the list.
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    Yea, that goes to the PDA version and not the WAP version (clicking on the link on your desktop shows the same thing Blazer does). Yellow pages (and true local information) is only available on the WAP version.

    Go figure.
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    Originally posted by audi
    I have been using 555-1212.pqa to find people and businesses. It is the most reliable directory I could find. You can get the PQA on
    I know that many of you are not fans of PQAs and I am not sure why cause I am SOLD on them, but I have been using Directory Assistant for a couple of days and it is a PQA that combines 555-1212 and Mapquest. It allows you to look up the phone number then DIAL it directly from the application OR you can map directions to the address that is associated to the phone number.

    It really is a fantastic PQA, give it a try.

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    try this page of "treo freindly" links i've compiled.treo freindly

    p.s. the "mobile yahoo" link i've included has many wap links like found on yahoo! wap portals on old 2g phones. it is much better than the other wap yahoo sites. enjoy!!

    p.p.s. if anyone has any links they'd like me to add to the page let me know.
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    I cannot find any PDA optimized sites with forecast reports for European countries.

    For world wide maps I recommend
    Joan López i Graupera
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