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    I was wonderinf if anyone knows anything about this. I have some questions:

    How is the quality?

    How long of clips can you play on it? Can you watch entire movies?

    How do you convert movies and/or clips to the format that this player uses?

    Any help would be great on these questions as well as any other info on this or other (maybe better) players.

    Thanx ppl
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    Kinoma is a really great project, you need two components the Producer ( Desktop) and the Player on the PDA. THe producer has to be purchased /not the player. A lot of the features are described in the website. However I have used it on a NR70v Sony ( 66Mhz -480 x 320 screen) and it is great . I doubt that units like the TREO will work well , at least not matching the Sony.

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