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    Does anyone know ANYTHING about Handspring's intention to support OS X? I can't find ANY new information regarding this. There were statements issued earlier in the year stating that they were waiting for the Palm release and that they were working closely with Palm and Apple... yada, yada, yada... And since I haven't heard another word about it. Has Handspring lost interest?
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    No news, but if you search these Discussion postings you will find many Treo users successfully using Palm desktop 4.0 and HotSyncing Treos under OS X.
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    I don't think Handspring has lost interest. I'm thinking that Handspring is assuming that iSync will solve this problem for them. Then, they won't have to spend the R&D money on something that Apple will do better anyway.
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    Since this is sort of on topic:

    Does anyone know whether iSync is going to support USB cradles? I've had discussions with some guys at work about this, and they seem to think that it's only for Bluetooth enabled devices. However, the Apple site states (or at least it did) that iSync will sync with the iPod as well, which doesn't support Bluetooth.

    Anyone have a definitive answer?
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    I'm thinking it will support PDAs via a USB cradle. Check out for the (not so) entire scoop. Here's an exerpt: "iSync works with the latest Bluetooth mobile phones, Palm OS devices and iPod...". Of course, I GUESS that could mean if your Palm device supports Bluetooth. Who the heck knows?
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    Apple is making a big push for Bluetooth lately (probably because they have some Bluetooth devices in the works), but there will definitely be compatibility with USB cradle syncing in iSync. To not do that would be absolutely insane.

    How many people would get anything out of iSync if they had to have one of three or four Bluetooth-enabled devices available on the market to get it to work?

    During the iSync demo in July, there was an icon of the Palm V (m500-style) in the window for sync-able devices.

    Whether or not TREOS will be supported right away is something to be more worried about. iPhoto didn't support every kind of camera at first. iTunes recognized only some third-party CD-RW drives at first. But in time, both of these apps gained compatibility with lots of other devices. I suspect that Apple will at least add Treo support fairly soon, if not right out of the gate. And Clie support eventually, as well. Maybe even PocketPC eventually. It's in their best interest to be as compatible as possible, if they want people to have a pleasant "switch" experience.
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    Make a copy of your os9 palm folder for backup purposes.

    Then just download and install Palm Desktop for X. It should work without a problem. Just because it isn't supported doesn't mean it won't work.

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