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    I had bought the Handspring black holster for the Treo and noticed that there are many scratches into the paint on the back of the Treo. Has this happened to anyone? I have been careful with my Treo so I have to conclude that the scratches appeared when I moved the Treo in and out of the holster.
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    Get the Treo Action Pack Case or a case from another company outside of Handspring. I knew that holster would not work well. (It just looked like it might not work out.) I use the Treo Action Pack Case and it works OK. No scrathes, but I've heard there are other 3rd party cases out there.

    Maybe Handspring will let you exchange the holster for the pack case, since it's the same price as the pack case.
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    Depends on your definition of "work well".

    Will it create some "wear marks" on the back of your treo from repeated insertion/removal? Absolutely.

    Is it convenient and easy to use? I think so, and I've been using it for a few months.

    And it hasn't dropped my phone once yet.

    I've had a ton of phones. I resign myself to the fact that it will get scratched and don't worry about it. So for me, the holster works well.

    But to each his own.

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    Yea I guess it depends on what suits you. For me "wear marks" are a no-no.

    The Pack Case has also been easy to use and no drops .

    I prefer a soft case.

    Other cases mentioned in other threads are:
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    I am going to look into other cases. I agree that there will be wear marks on the phone. But I have only had the phone for 1 week! At that pace I would need to schedule a Sherwin Williams paint job within the month!
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    For what it's worth, my holster broke after about 3 uses. Considering I've been using other phones and holsters for 3 years, I feel pretty confident that I am capable of using one. Mine broke at the plastic hinges.

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    Just to add... my holster broke too... after one day's use. :-(
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    Originally posted by DougLucas
    Just to add... my holster broke too... after one day's use. :-(
    Happend to me too.. spend another 10 for a generic "clip only" at the Sprint store, and epoxy the "button" to whats left of the hinge. I filed mine off and now it's more flexible, rotates about 20 different ways (cartwheels ?) but sticks out a little bit more.
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    I've read from some of the other discussions that the clip works well. Does anyone know how far out the button sticks out. Is it still comfortable in your pocket with that button stuck on the treo?
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    I went with the casetech.

    These other cases are more for "storing" your Treo

    I like to USE my Treo.... With the casetech, it raps around the unit like any other cell phone leather case...

    You can still use it, but it is always protected.

    With the rest of the cases the unit is unprotected when you take it out of the case.
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    e.lo ive had the same problems. im going to send off an email to handspring customer service to see if i can replace the battery door.
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    I had the holster from and it broke a few weeks ago; it worked for about 3 months and I was quite pleased with it. I replaced it with the holster from Handspring and haven't had any complaints. I dropped my 180 once when it fell out of the Seidio holster (phone went right to the concrete, but was fine). I think that the Handspring holster is better designed and works well. I've been using it with my 300 for almost 2 weeks now and wouldn't even consider owning the phone w/o a holster. All the packs and cases add bulk...the phone is big enough as it is.

    Others, of course, have different opinions. I like the holster.

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