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    i knew that would get your attention. has anyone else researched this (if so, forgive me-i'm new!!): kodak made a camera for palm pilots called "palmpix" that snapped on the end of it. would that work with a treo? does a treo have the same port as the supported palm devices (here's the url of the palmpix site )? the cameras are discontinued but i found a few through the price comparison sites. if the ports are the same the "fit" or ability to fit snugly may or may not be an issue (could be modified no?) also would the soft ware be compatible? anyway, any info on this would be much appreciated. a snap on camera for the treo would be perfect!!!
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    I currently have an m100 with a stowaway keyboard and the palmpix camera. Once I get my treo I am going to start to research and make an adapter so that I can use my old accesories with the treo. If it all works out I will eventually post instructions.

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