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    I've heard complaints about no two-way SMS and I figured I'd try to do something about it....

    I've come up with a very simple browser-based chat site to be used for your handheld devices (assumes your a SprintPCS Vision customer) and I'm looking for a few beta testers. It's very crude at present, but does permit one to chat....

    Upon inviting someone to chat (two-way chat only, at present), they'll receive an SMS message advising them that you would like to chat along with the url to do so. Once they enter the site, the rest is kind of a "no brainer".

    If you'ld like to try it out (assuming that you know someone else who's willing to try it out with you), please send me
    (pdachat @ your SprintPCS number(s) (it takes at least two to tango).

    I'll set up your access and advise you accordingly -- btw, there would be nothing that prevents one party from accessing the chat site via standard browser and chatting with the other party on a handheld device...
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