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    Despite my earlier misadventures with Handspring (see 'Great Service' thread) I am still happy with the basic unit. Now my SO is frustrated with the paper-based planner world, and wants to go PDA.

    Question for the group: Do any of you have what I'll call 'two Treo households?'

    Two PDA'S, one computer. How to make it work? Hotsyncing, etc, w/o going batty?

    I sync to Outlook at home.

    All viewpoints will be read.

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    If you stay with a treo, you don't need another cable/cradle hooked up to the pc.

    Any problems (not saying there will be) you encounter syncing two treos on the same PC, you would probably encounter with any other palm device.

    You sync with outlook, what will the SO sync to? If there are problems, this would be my guess where you will encounter them, If the SO will also sync to outlook. Not a major problem, just want to make sure the correct identity is selected before the hotsync buttun is pressed.

    FYI, give the second treo\palm a different name.
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    Thanks much for the info!

    My SO has been watching me send Treo's back and forth to Handspring and might now not go with a second Treo...we'll see how that works out!

    I'm thinking we'll both sync to Outlook, using different calendars(?)

    At this point...whatever is what I'll consider...

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