I, too, bought the Treo....was looking to combine my cell phone with my Palm, and hoping for email, too.

Once I worked through the idiosynchracies (not an easy task, since the Sprint PCS customer support is pretty much ignorant), I found that it does work pretty well. The web surfing is OK (much better than WAP, not as good as on a 17" screen on dial-up). The phone works very well (much better sensitivity than my old Motorola Timeport). And, now that I am using Corsoft's Aileron for an email machine, that works very well (took a little to get that working properly, as well). It does not push email, but you can set it up to pull as often as every 5 minutes (and since you only get charged by the KB, not by the minute for data, it really doesn't cost you any more to check more frequently). And, since I can pull from my corporate email server as well as from my personal email (yahoo and earthlink), I can get all my email (not just one) on my Treo, as well as on my PC when I get back in the office.

All in all, I think it is a vast improvement (and the integration of the palm OS with the phone is very well done...much better than the Samsung or the Kyocera).