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    Time to fire up the rumor mill. I want to buy a Treo300 but I hate Sprint's guts and don't want to give them any more cash or switch from Verizon (plus my wife will literally kill me if I switch cell phone companies again--no joke).

    Does anyone know how soon we can expect to see a Verizon flavored Treo? I've heard guesses from 1 to 12 months.

    Does anyone know how long it took for the Kyocera6035 to be available from both Sprint and Verizon?

    Does anyone know how to hack the Treo300 so I could use it on the Verizon network?

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    I don't know all that much about this. But it may be that a hack is not the answer. The problem be legal rather than technical. During what ever time Sprint has an exclusive deal Verizon might not be legally able to use the Treo.
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    I heard from a Verizon employee that part of the deal between Sprint and Handspring prohibited Handspring from ever putting the Treo on the Verizon network. Not to say that there won't ever be something similar, but I don't think anytime soon.

    To answer your Kyocera 6035 question, they were launched simultaneously on both networks.
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    The HandSpring Treo 300 will never be available on the Verizon network...I know this for a fact.
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    Nachoman, how do you know this?
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    unfortunately for the Verizon types, the 1900 MHz Treo would only function on a small part of the Verizon network (old PrimeCo areas), so grabbing the MSL code and unlocking it would not be too helpful.
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    I read somewhere (perhaps Handspring web page under product description) that the Treo 270 had similar features to the 300 and was intended for non-Sprint users.
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    but just don't expect it next week. Sprint helped fund the development of the 300, in exchange for exclusive rights for an undisclosed period of time. Its commin', but it might take six months or more.

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