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    Just curious if anyone has loaded AOL for palm. That software will allow you to send and receive email and instant messages. My only concern is I'm not on an unlimited AOL plan. AOL's website says it will charge you as if you accessed AOL via dial up. Something like $.02 a minute.

    Also there is AOL Instant Messenger for palm. I would like to try that as well but curious if people logging off and on burn up your MB allowance. I'd like to stay online, if i can afford it.
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    I used it for a little bit, and it worked fairly well. I could even make a phone call without disconnecting/reconnecting AIM, although all outgoing/incoming/buddy status messages were held until the phone call was over.

    However, my palm wouldn't boot with it installed (it would crash with "datamgr.c, line 8589, Index out of range"). I definitely narrowed the problem down to AIM. However, my friend, also with a Treo 300, doesn't have this problem, so I suspect it's a conflict with something else I have. Has anyone else experienced this?

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    I had the same 8589 problem.

    did you ever find the conflict or solution (it sure is nice when it works)?
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    i use aim a lot, though not for long periods. i have had no problems. i did have problems with the aol software for palm. i installed it and deleted it twice as it did not seem to want to run right.

    no worry about burning up your mb since we are all on unlimited vision as of a few weeks ago. if you are not, you should be, call sprint.

    between aim and pocketflash for my aol e-mail, i don't miss the aol software.
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    do you have a url for the aim app you use?
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    someone said its on the british site for free, same version they are selling here. if you do a search at this site i think the url was listed in a prior thread
    Change is a challenge to the adventurous, an opportunity to the alert, a threat to the insecure.
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    i have heard of people getting a similar error while working in ringo, and i'm starting to think the two are a bit incompatible. Next time I need to do a hard reset, im just gonna load the two and see what happens. Is the UK version any more stable?
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    i installed the uk version and the more recent one shown on another thread here. i had no problems with any of them. and i use ringo extensively (first the beta and now registered) and have had no problems with either to speak of. (and i have worked with ringo a lot as i put together the ringtones i posted)

    i have a strong feeling that it is due to some combination of hacks and other software that neither of these like very much. AOL for the PC has a terrible history of just thinking that if you're using AOL software, that MUST be the only thing on your computer that's important to you, so you should not care if it disables or interferes with half your other software...
    Change is a challenge to the adventurous, an opportunity to the alert, a threat to the insecure.
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    i got the same error. U go into a eternal reset loop. I pushed the up after pushing the reset pin and that stopped it. I then deleted AOL did another soft reset and it worked fine. Handspring tech support, I told the automated system I had a 270 then told the rep I had a 300 said they have this problem documented with AOL IM. I am hoping the PDAapps doesn't have this problem when they come out with VeriChat' s AOL.
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    I down loaded aol and aim and email work fine. Everything else I try gives me the you need a web clipper! ???

    Tim Cronk,

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