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    This may sound lke a silly question for Palm Pros.. But this is my first Palm Device....

    How do you back it up and/or restore it fully?

    With Pocket PC they had a backup option to backup to a file on PC (or memory card)

    I see Palm has a Backup folder in the Handspring Folder on my PC...

    Is this the back up of the entire system? Or is there another way.

    And if I had a catastrophic failure, how would I go about restoring the entire system to the way it was?

    Thanks for the help

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    The Hot Sync operation will back everything up. I had to perform a hard reset on my Treo 300 the other day and when I hot sync'd all added programs, contacts, address book data were back on the Treo.
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    For backups also check out Backup Buddy program. It backs up all your applications and files stored on your palm. I use it and when I changed palm devices, in one hot-sync I had everything moved over to my new device. Backup Buddy also always you to save a backup file to another location for double safety.
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    If you are using Palm Desktop 4.x, you should not need backup buddy.
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    I was getting ready to buy backup buddy but after reading all the threads, I am confused. I have the Palm Desktop 4.x and a Treo 300.

    What would prevent me from manually checking each app to ensure the backup bit is turned ON thereby saving $29?

    From what understand, I should trust the regular Hotsync to backup everything? Why even bother installing Filez or SyncAll when I can just check the bit myself? Can someone enlighten me?
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    I had to do a hard reset to fix one of Sprints latest blunders with errors on the Busoness Connectionm when they had an update.. someone said a hard reset would work fine, which it did, but I was skeptikal to nuke my treo.

    Well, without all those other apps mentioned in this thread, i had NO problems restoring everything perfectly. Only exceptions were with some license codes on some of the software, but was able to just re enter them

    Everything else worked surprisingly without any issues...

    S0 I reccomend just doing a regular restore as it says to do in the user guide.


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