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    I keep getting this error when I try to connect to the Network:

    Error: The network is busy, unavalable or data is not enabled. (0x1102).

    The network connected fine last week and I am still able to connect once in awhile so I don't think it is my account. Could it be my Treo? Has any else received this error?

    I'm in the Houston, TX area.

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    I find occasionally that when I switch to Prefs to dial the network, I add a letter to my username. This is obvious unless it is a space.

    My ability to connect was ok at first, went to hell, and then (after a long time on the phone with Voicestream data) unchecking the call waiting (that is, disabling call waiting) fixed the problem.
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    I get it from time to time, but it works when I try again. Certainly happens in weak signal area, but other times as well
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    I can keep trying 2 or 3 times and it still won't connect. My signal is between 3 and 4 bars so it is pretty strong. I am wondering if it could be a problem with the phone, the network, or a combination of both.


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    There are things to try on Handspring site. Checking disable call waiting worked for me. (Clear the dialing digits 1170 or whatever.) But signal strength isn't the only issue -- it may depend on network congestions. According to Voicestream (a truly random source) data calls may fail even when there is plenty of bandwidth for voice calls because data calls are handled differently.

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