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    I was just wondering if I got a good deal or not. I bought my 300 at CompUSA for $500. Is that a good price? Can you please post where you got your phone and how much $ you paid?

    thanks in advance
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    I paid the good folks at the Sprint Store $499.....but I called "retention" afterward, hemming and hawing about breaking the bank for a 3G phone. I wanted to know if they had any good promotions for existing customers to upgrade their handsets. The woman on the phone was very nice, cut away for a couple of minutes, and came back with a $150 service credit for me. Not bad! So, the net cost for me was $349. I would say that I am on the 2000 anytime minute/20 Mb/free add a phone and I am spending on average $150/month with Sprint. If you are in a similar category, spending wise, you might be able to get a similar credit. If you are spending $30/month, they may be less compelled to offer the credit. As always, it depends on who you speak with!
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    $499 from Handspring. No tax for NC, free shipping, + free car charger (woopeeee).

    I'll have to call to Sprint and ***** about paying $499 and see if I can work the sweet deal Broose did. However, since I bought this from Handspring, they probably won't do much for little ole me.

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    Sure they will -- while I am sure they would PREFER to have you buy the phone from them, their real prifit center is the monthly recurring charges you generate for them. Your $150/mo is $1800 per year, assuming you never go over your allotted data and voice amounts.

    Don't forget, you are a renewable commodity to them, and the cost of keeping you is far less than the cost of them finding an additional customer, no less a high value one like you.

    Don;t let them low ball you -- if the offer is less than a $150 retention bonus, ask to speak to a supervisor.
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    got mine for 449 at sprint pcs store including car charger and case they through in, the sell phone for 499 plus are giving 50 in store rebates on all new phones. At least thats the case in Indianapolis
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    They don't care about losing customers it seems....I just got off the phone with Sprint retention. Described the problems I've had in the past 2 weeks, and that I didn't feel comfortable with my $499 phone. They put me on hold and looked at my account with over a dozen *2 calls in the last 2 weeks. Told them I was taking the phone back today unless they changed my mind. They offered nothing. They must have put a clamp on the bonus awards for retention already. So....the Treo goes back today. Saw info on the net for the Sony/Ericsson p800 phone coming out Q4....very nice. May not be Sprint, but I don't really care at this point....fed up with Sprint's lousy service, product and attitude.
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    I am not sure I understand - did you just become a Sprint customer, and were asking for a concession because the service has not lived up to expectations? That is not what the retention department does. Retention is ONLY when your contract is expiring, and they want to entice you to renew. Then and ONLY then will they give you a service credit, if you ask for it.
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    Absolutely.....they usually offer the best deals to the folks who spend the most and have been with them the longest. New customers have got to pay their dues before getting the retention deals.
  9. #9 have to talk to them the right way. If you go in, guns blazing and start demanding things, they will blow you off. If you are honest, polite, say you really like the service but, with all of the spending, you aren't sure if you can afford to keep service and company xx has this there any promotion for existing customers to upgrade, etc...the key is to be polite and ask nicely. It's amazing what people will do if they like you!
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    OK, I just got a free month of service and here's the angle:

    I complained that Sprint's TV commercials for the PCS Vision service promise "Web, Email, etc.", BUT I WAS NOT ABLE TO USE E-MAIL OUT THE BOX. I had to sign up with Yahoo's Pop/Forwarding service to send e-mail messages.

    I've been with Sprint PCS for 3-4 years, so they know I'm a good customer, but I also expect good service.

    When I sign up for an ISP and they tell me that I will get web and e-mail I don't expect to have to use WEB MAIL to send mail messges. And I don't look at Sprint's offer any differently. I feel a little deceived, since I could not send e-mail via Sprint's servers using an e-mail client like Eudora.

    And so they gave me a free month of my service plan to help me offset the additional cost of a 3rd party e-mail provider.

    When/If you call DON'T say "I want XXXX". Just leave it open ended and ask them what they can do for you. But you have to pretty much say you are thinking of leaving Sprint. And I was looking around, but oh this free month is gonna make me stay .
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    I called retention and explained that I have been a customer for over 1 year (had the Sanyo 5150) bought the Treo 300 but felt that I could get a better deal with Cingular with the Treo 270. I have the 1000 minutes / 20 mb plan. The guy was willing to give a month for free. That's over $100 so I took it.
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    Got mine yesterday from CompUsa ,Tysons Square,Alexandria, DC
    Very knowledgeable and helpful sales guy called Juan Park and a manager called Triven. Good with discounts and help you with everything else.WOuld stringly recommend it
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    Originally posted by athreya
    Got mine yesterday from CompUsa ,Tysons Square,Alexandria, DC
    Very knowledgeable and helpful sales guy called Juan Park and a manager called Triven. Good with discounts and help you with everything else.WOuld stringly recommend it
    Hi Athreya,

    I take it that you finally caved in and went for the Treo300?
    If you did, congratulations and welcome to the club!
    Visor Deluxe, Prism, Visorphone, Treo 270, Treo 600, Treo 650, and am eagerly waiting for the next generation Treo...but that the iPhone????
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    I'm pretty much sold on the Treo 300 at this point but since I have a couple of weeks to kill before my old mobile plan runs out I'm shopping around to see what type of deals are out there.

    To date I've heard the usual different stores from different reps and tried Radio Shack, a Sprint store, calling Sprint directly and CompUSA. So far CompUSA seems to have the best deal as the $200 rebate is pretty nice but slightly annoying having to clip and mail coupons each month to get the rebate. The phone itself is $499 w\plan but the $150 rebate is NOT good for a Treo 300 as it says right in the mouse-print.

    For their plans they have a pamphlet that lists all the deals but also then have an individual ad page that shows two plans with 2,000 and 2,500 minutes for $89 and $109 (think that is it)
    and you get the second phone free. The also then have two 'other' plans on the back with a 500 minute offer for $45 but don't mention whether you still can get the second phone for free (but I doubt it). These deals on the ad are different than the regular pamphlet list. I still read from others that a second phone can be free on certain plans but besides that ad have not turned up how to get this going.

    Hope this might help someone else - add your two cents if you have advice on how to grab the best plan and price! Thanks!

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