Dunno the Palm Query Application (PQA) technology very well. PQAs seem to be small resident apps that make miserly use of bandwidth, kind of like an html form resident on a hard drive; no packets sent until you load it locally and hit submit. (Correct me if I'm wrong.)

Could a PQA be created to do outbound SMS messages for the Treo 300? It would have simple features like character limits, etc, not unlike a local html form. A reply function would be great, but outbound SMS is the focus since inbound can already be had.

Sprint won't give us cheap outbound SMS messages. They appear to want us to go 1) log on and get the clock ticking, 2) goto their website and waste kilobytes, 3) draft our messages while the timer runs, 4) and then finally hit send and disconnect.

It seems Sprint's strategy is, "screw those geeks, they can pay for minutes to connect and kilobytes per download -- all for a service that every other carrier and supposedly inferior wireless technology offers for cheap or for free." As a consumer, now before my fellow ubergeek consumers, I state that this blows.

So much for the Simple Messaging System. CDMA may be more advanced than GSM, but Sprint is sticking it to us with impaired and costly functionality.

Maybe we should make out own SMS...

My question again: could a PQA be created to at least minimize minutes used and kilobytes spent by allowing the SMS message to be composed offline, followed by a rapid connect-send-disconnect in under a minute?


ps I *love* my Treo 300; I just expected it would have *more* functionality not less.