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    All I need need is an SMS alert (Name/Subject line) to my Treo 300 when I get a new email. I prefer to pull down the mail with Eudora sometime after the alert when I have a chance.

    What's the best service to use for this?

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    that an ISP called was trying to start a service, and that it was in trials. It isn't listed on their site, but they suggest sending an email to to enquire. Beyond that, I don't know anybody that does this without trying to link you to an expensive email account (I.E. Treomail, Aileron, Basejet (when they start charging) and Business Connect.
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    I found Treo Mail to work the best for SMS messages. Every time I get a new email I get a notification (SMS). There is about a 8-10 minute delay. So...not real time but pretty darn close.

    You can try it for free for 30 days if you go on Handsrings's website to sign up. It is 49.95 for a year. If you are not using a corporate server and using the treo 300 for personal email through a pop server, this is definitely the way to go.

    I have played around with basejet, aileron, sprint's business connection, multimail, eudora, you name it I have tried it. Treo Mail is a perfect solution. The other programs didn't work like treo mail. With treo mail you can set the preferences so that Treo Mail will automatically retrieve your email every 15 minutes. This is a good way to collect your email when you don't have the time to read it.

    Check it out. Email me if you have questions and I can help you with the settings.
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    What email server do you use?

    If you use exchange, A VERY EASY quick and dirty approach is to set up an outlook rule to redirect all email to You will get all your email headers (and a few lines) sent to your phone via sms. Your original email will still be on your server, you will just get a duplicate (trunctated) copy via sms.

    Many external pop email services also provide the ability to simultaneously forward mail to another address. Just have all mail forwarded to your sprint pcs tel number, but keep the orginal copy on the pop server.
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    I didn't find an SMS option for the Treo 300 on Treo Mail and further more, I don't want my Treo pulling down my mail everytime I get an email notice by SMS. If it did that, I'd be wasting my minutes on spam.

    With simple SMS notification (including name and subject line), I could get an alert and then decide to download when I have time -- or to leave the spam on the server until I get a real message.

    Thanks for the tip, though. ANy other ideas? I emailed the netendevors guys. Hopefully, they'll hook up a fast simple SMS notifcation service. I'd pay for that.

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    audi - You say that TreoMail picks up your mail every 15 minutes. The options in my version are 30 mins, 1, 2, and 4 hours. Are you sure about the 15 mins?

    Regarding SMS alerts, these are great, but TreoMail's alerts only tell you that you've got a message with NO information about sender, subject, etc... I can't imagine why they've done it this way, but ...

    - m
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    You should try what I've done. Whenever I get emails, I forward a copy to my phone via SMS ( This way, I get notified immediately of an email, and can read the first couple of lines to see if it's important. If it is, I'll pull it down via my POP mail application. I set up the forward w/ my POP mail ISP.
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    darkelf -

    I don't think my ISP will forward eMails automatically. What service do you use?

    And thanks for the great idea...

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    I just started testing's service yesterday and so far I am impressed! This service sends an SMS message with the sender and subject everytime my email account gets a new message.

    I ran some rudimentary tests, and I never got an SMS notification later than 5 minutes after sending an email to my account.

    I'm planning on posting another more detailed review once I've been able to have it for a few more days, but so far everything is working great!

    (I don't work for them)
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    Well, I use a small ISP shop ( for my POP mail. They allow me to forward mail to any number of email addresses whenever I receive new mail. All ISP's have this capability, it's just a matter of whether or not they allow their users to take advantage of it. I would email the network admin at your ISP and ask. It's easy enough for them to setup.
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    Does Sprint charge you for SMS messages? Is it just a data charge, and if so, how much data per message?

    Or, is there a $ per SMS charge?

    Or, do you get charged minutes?
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    If you have the Sprint Wireless Web email option on your plan, you can use that as your SMTP/POP email provider. It offers the option to send an SMS alert to your Treo 300 when you get email. Works great.. I've removed TreoMail (which took way too long to notify me of email - 15 minutes).

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