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    Short and simple guys, I use a Pam Centro (probably for the last few years).

    Just yesterday morning, it started acting up with one (1) minor issue.

    Whenever I receive messages longer than 160 characters, I do not get the whole message. It simply gets cut at the 160th. character?

    Have I unsuspectingly turned off a function or something else?

    What do you guys think?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I believe this is a problem with the sender's carrier/phone. Usually, phones will split messages over 160 chars, and send as two separate messages. Seems like some phones expect the receiver to do the split, and only the first 160 characters come in. I usually do get several messages for text messages >160, but sometimes I will only get the first.
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    I have a Palm Centro and got the same problem of incomplete received SMS when they are supposed to be linked together when the text is greater than 160 characters.

    I get the first 160 characters but the following characters of the same message (which are transmitted by my carrier - I checked this) are not received on my phone.

    I suspect the problem is coming from the Palm, which perhaps didn't reinitialize something ... I purged all my messages but it didn't solve the problem.

    Is anyone solved this, or have any idea ?

    Many thanks !
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    If you have not noticed the carriers are cutting service down in many ways. The fact that two people have the same problem makes me believe that it is not your palm but your carrier.
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    This is what I do when I encountered this problem.
    1. Download Filez if you don't already have it, and run it.
    2. Go to "View Preferences" (If you're in "View and edit files" mode, press "close" to go back to the main screen).
    3. Choose 'Saved' on the selection on the right side.
    4. Find PIL! key and delete it.
    5. No need for reset.
    I also found out that after a few months, the problem will recur; but, you applying the step above cures the prblem

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