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    I want to switch to a new 755p, without losing data from my old phone. The Hotsync feature isn't working, which is how I've normally backed up my phone. How else can I get the info transferred to my new phone? Thx in advance.
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    I'm assuming you've only tried a cabled sync. Have you tried BlueTooth?
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    You can also use an SD card and backup software. Backup the old device on the SD card, then put the card in the new one and restore.

    Also don't forget the power of beaming. I don't think that's too practical for all your data, but in pinch use what you've got.
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    I know this is an old thread but I am having the same problem, I can sync through blue tooth, but not the USB cable, but I also noticed that when I plug my phone into the charger it charges just fine, but it will not accept a charge from the USB cable, the same cable worked just fine with my 700, is there a setting some where?
    It is like it just does not recognize the USB cable for some reason.
    Thanks for any help

    Edited to update: It was a problem with the Treo, I got another one and it works just fine, so if any one ever reads this thread never mind.
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