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    Following this board for a while, and particularly from launch a week ago or so, I was fully expecting this to be a bad browser experience.

    This past weekend I had a 56k experience visiting relatives using a Pentium 75 laptop and a 56k aol connection. This is basically unbearable compared to my DSL. So, following this board, many people's experience seemed to suggest that Vision\Blazer was much worst than 56k dialup. I am getting blinding speeds. I am impressed. I downloaded xiino but haven't loaded it yet. I will.

    It's all about the experience. Can I start reading a news story almost as soon as I click on it? Yes! The pix can download in the background, that's fine with me. The kbps rate on the bottom of the browser certainly matches what Sprint advertises. Maybe I'm lucky here in central New Jersey. This is so much better than the 56k dialup experience I just had. I was just reading sports scores standing in line at the supermarket. Amazing.

    I should have probably taped my phone conversation with the Sprint CSR who set me up.... but, my deal is $29.99 per month. ... Okay, I told her that I don't use the phone at all (I'm surrounded by phones all day long and I walk to work!). I got 20 minutes anytime and 20 minutes weekend (probably about 20 minutes more than I need for a whole month; I wish they carried over). I got 2mg of data on top of that -- for the next three months. BECAUSE (and I empahsized this deal with her and she agreed this is how it works) the first 3 months are UNLIMITED data. Why pay a higher data rate for the first 3 months? After that I will switch to a much larger data package because I will certainly use it. This was all very clear and reiterated during the sales process. I know that other posts here that I have seen seem to suggest other understandings of the unlimited aspect... this is clearly what I have. It would be unfortunate for some Sprint CSR if my billing was at odds with what I just described. I wouldn't want to be that CSR -- because I am probably going to use a tremendous amount of data. (Try showing this gadget to someone without them saying, "go to X website, I want to see how it looks," etc.

    I guess it's good to come in with low expectations .... I am impressed! Web browsing on the fly. Awesome.
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    i thought the amt of free data was dependent on the amt you took as your minutes plan..i.e. 8mb for three months if u r on the 8mb says so on this board somewhere else!
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    I noted that fact VERY specifically to the Sprint CSR who set this up. I emphasized it several times and said that, clearly, there is no reason for me to get a larger data plan at this time as it is unlimited for the first three months. She agreed and said that I could up the megabytes after three months. And I emphasized that after I go beyond my 2 mb I wouldn't be charged the KILO byte rate of $.02 per.... She agreed. It couldn't be any clearer unless she was completely untrained for the process. Either way, I can't imagine paying a huge bill if they specifically sold it to me as unlimited. I've got the CSR's special identifying number at any rate. If they were wrong, they would have to make it good because this was how it was sold to me.

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