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    One of things I wanted most with this device is to be able to see realtime doppler radar.

    What is the best radar web site or method for doing this? avantgo? web clipping? yahoo? other? On my home computer I bookmark to down to my zip code.

    Is it possible that any of these allow the radar map in motion on the treo? or is this strictly java or animated gif territory that the treo can't handle?

    Which site allows the least amount of additional info that needs to be displayed? That is, I'd like to flip the phone open, hit a bookmark and get the local radar with as little addtional web page info and icons and other garbage etc. loading.
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    I am a private pilot and am fascinated by the weather. What I do is to go to in a regular PC and find the map I want, then enlarge it. Once it is enlarged, I place the mouse over the image and right click, then select Properties. The exact address of the image (usually ending in ".jpg") is shown. Then, I input that into the bookmark, and nothing else appears except the actual image. You can do this with any image on

    Also, though I haven't tried this yet, go to google, then input "Doppler Radar and XXX", where XXX is the town you live in or are interested in seeing doppler for. There will be several sites (including the NOAA government site) with that info., and try if you can do the same (jpg address) for those.

    As for the rest of your questions, I am not sure, but would love to know. Especially the video one.

    Hope this helps!!!
    F. Stubbe
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    Excellent trick! This is the best gadget in the history of gadgets!
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    how can you read anything? I linked to a national map and can't make out any of the symbols or text. Is there a particularly useful weather map that you can recommend that is legible?

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    Zoom in to 300 miles. This looks fine on my screen. Enough to tell you what's coming. All you want to do is know the outline of where you live and see the green of a storm in relation to yourself. You don't need to read anything.

    Also, 600 miles gives you a bit bigger perspective. I wouldn't do national. I want it to be zoomed in enough so that I know if it is going to rain in the next ten minutes when I'm out bike riding.
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    When you are looking at weather, one is usually interested in the particular area or region where one is located, right? First, I put the Blazer Preference resolution in High (slowest), which is still fine because it only downloads one image. When I check the Doppler for the Boston area, I can see it fine! When it's the whole nation, being able to determine the Boston weather is kind of hard, obviously. Try going to the Regional Maps.

    Hope this helps!

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    Anybody know about putting the weather map in motion?
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    I use

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    ...exactly what I (and many others, no doubt) need!
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    Another good website for looking at radar is I like it better than It's what the airlines use.
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    I don't see a PDA specific link. I don't want to download the regular page or have to reverse engineer the links.

    Originally posted by alaskanbo
    Another good website for looking at radar is I like it better than It's what the airlines use.
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    I just use the radar images directly from NOAA and the National Weather Service.

    If you go to, then click on your area, you'll get the web page for your local NWS forecast office. Then look to the left side for a radar link, and do the same trick for getting the image URL.

    NWS updates its images every 5-7 minutes, as their radar towers finish their scans.

    The only problem(s) with using their radar is that they don't have a winter radar, and they also don't usually have larger regional images. But if all you want is your local radar, their radar images will work very well for being current.

    - Mike
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    I was at and noticed that they claim that there is a new service for weather radar that allows looping -- which is those little radar movies that you can watch on your PC. However, I've never seen it work on the Treo. It is mentioned here:

    "PCS VisionSM from Sprint brings you clarity you can see and hear with a revolutionary group of advanced multimedia services. On your Vision-enabled PCS phone, access graphical weather conditions, forecasts, news and Doppler Radar. The Weather Channel updates the radar images every 5 minutes and you can pan, zoom and loop the radar! From your Vision-enabled phone go to: Downloads, Applications, Get New, Weather, Radar from The Weather Channel. For more details regarding PCS Vision, go to:"

    Notice it says go to Downloads, applications, etc. where are they talking about? I went to the sprintpcs site and it is not one of their downloads. Does anybody know anything about this? Where to download it, etc? Does it really loop? One downside that may be a killer is they want a monthy of $3.99. Since radar on the Treo is readily available elsewhere the fee would really just be for the looping as far as I am concerned. But it would tempting nevertheless.
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    If you're looking for national radar, get WeatherManager from I use this all the time. It's a great little app in the form of a PQA-style model. It's in color, and access the data from their web-site inside the app (Also when you hotsync). No need to access anything via Blazer.
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    It won't work on the Treo. The "download" section is available on normal Sprint Vision phones.
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    Damn, too bad. The looping feature really lets you know how fast a weather front is coming at you. Sometimes it just sits in one place, other times it moves like crazy.

    Has anyone heard of a radar looping for the Treo yet?
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    If the animated radar is an animated gif, it's possible that the new browser iPanel , could handle it where Blazer cannot. I haven't tried iPanel yet, but I might just to check out a couple javascript sites that Blazer also cannot handle. Regarding the stuff that all non smartphone vision phones can access, I think SPCS could be more inventive by providing a palm oriented version of it's user website where one could check minutes, change plan options, etc.

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