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    Someone help, something has to be out there to support the need to look at attachments that come in your e-mail, what happens if I am in a meeting remote from my desktop and a client sends an EXCEL for review and comment. I was thinking that I could handle it with the TREO , but all programs seem to want you to HOTSYNC????

    Anyone out there please advise. I cannot think that I am the only one with this need.
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    Basejet has this capability. I haven't used their product, but there are numerous Treo users that have and are happy. Warning, it's in beta, although it's free for now.
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    From what I can tell, basejet for now only supports .doc,.pdf,.txt &.vcf. More types are promised in future versions
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    Basejet supports as a viewer WORD documents, no Excel viewer. Dataviz IN BOX to GO seems to support only if I HotSync these.Nothing for wireless EXCEL attachments.
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    I believe that MultiMail Pro has plugins for Excel and Word files if you can bear to use regular dial up access to your POP account. It could serve as a useful adjunct to TreoMail or BaseJet or Business Connect when you need that vital attachment.

    Here is the page describing their plugin options:

    A word of warning though - the file format for Excel is CSV not XLS. I have rarely received CSV as an attachment in practice.
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    CSV is comma delimited text. I guess thats technically an excel supported file format, but its not an excel spreadsheet.

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