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    Is there a way to get the included USB cable to charge the Treo 300 from my laptop battery or without connecting the AC charger?

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    Sorry, but Im fairly certain thats not possible. USB is for data only.
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    Yes there is--search these Discussions for the link, but I bought a direct USB HotSync/charging cable from Midnight Tech through eBay. Works like a charm.
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    I think that's Moonlight Tech on eBay, not Midnight Tech. I got the cable, and works fine. About $10 incl. shipping.
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    Can't imagine wanting a 5' cable, but the 8" would be nice for road warriors such as myself. Anyways, again no mention of the 300. Does this cable work with the Treo 300?

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    Just got an email back from one of the guys who is selling the cables on eBay. For what it's worth, he says that the cables work with the 300.

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    There is a review of just such a cable here on treocentral. Look through the product review section. I just ordered it, it cost about $25. I had the same thing for my Clie. It really makes things much simpler.
    Adam Mazza
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    Confirming that these do work with the 300. I've been using one for about two weeks, no problems (yet).

    The eBay souce, Moonlight Tech, sells these for much less than the other sources I've seen. I'm using the Moonlight Tech one, and see no reason to spend more money.

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