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    I am not sure I understood the threads above correctly. It sounds as if you can synch the Treo 300's palm interface with a Mac (ibook or Powerbook) using the MissingSynch. Is that correct? Also, if I am using an ibook without infared, is there a USB cable with the cradle charger that comes with the Treo or do you need an adapter?


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    All Treos come with a USB cable (not a cradle). The problem with the T300 (and T90) is that there is not a native USB driver for HotSynching to Macs. The 2 part solution has been to get a USB-to-serial adaptor and sync that way, and to use MissingSync. Also be careful if you choose to install Palm desktop 4.0. It will try to install Palm OS updates on your Handspring, whicch causes much grief.
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    Yes. If you use Palm Desktop 4.0,just drag out the 3.5.3 update from the Palm OS update file and trash it. I have had no problems with it.
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    I am having the exact problem you reference. How exactly do I remove the 3.5.3 file? (It's been a long time since I used the Palm OS... I don't see that file in the "install" section of the hotsync conduit.)
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    In the Palm folder in your applications folder, there is a Palm Updates Folder. Inside, there is a file/folder for an update for 3.5.3. Drag it to the trash BEFORE you sync the first time.
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    Woo-hoo! Works like a charm. Thanks for the advice!
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    Glad I could help!
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    I am moving over from the SPHi300 camp and hoped to confirm sync.
    It sounds like there is success with Palm Desktop 4.0 for OSX and this phone which runs P OS 3.5.2H (I believe).

    Anyone using the Entourage X Conduit?
    Is this via IR or serial to USB adapter?

    Much info appreciated =)
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    Out of curiousity,

    should I remove all the other updates, as well?

    Like 3.1.0 and 3.0.2 etc etc....?

    Removing the updates won't screw up my Palm Desktop at all, right?

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    Yes, remove all Palm OS updates--these are different from the Desktop software.
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    Cool- will do!

    So if I can get this straight....just one more time

    1. I have a PB G4 with an IR port

    2. I erase all the updates

    3. Sync through IR port with my Treo (which should be arriving soon)

    Sound all good??

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    missing synch software and entourage counduit released today both work with 300 and destop X 4.0.

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    Sorry to rehash what may seem obvious but...
    Do I need the serial cable/USB adaptor AND missing Sync?
    Or is it one or the other?
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    Only requires the USB synch / charge cable sent with the treo.
    $30 for missing synch
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    If Missing Sync alone works with the included USB cable, that would be cheaper than getting a Keyspan Serial-USB adaptor and a Handspring Serial Sync Cable. I have the latter and it works flawlessly (without Missing Sync).
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    Yes, it would be cheaper (and easier) which is why I'm hoping it's a viable optopn. So again, do we have any additional confirmation that we can sync with a Mac by using Missing Sync with only the provided USB cable and NOT the serial cable + adaptor?
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    Yup, I'm using missing sync with a new G4 with 10.2 X installed and just plug the supplied usb cable into the keyboard and perfect sync every time. I have even done a complete restore after Sprint had me do a hard reset trying to get my data to work.

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    for the past 3 days we have been trying to get the treo to sync with our g4 running on OS X.

    we deleted the updates in the palm folder, downloaded the missing sync. and sti;; it is not working..

    we can do a sync, but if there is too much info trading (like over 20 contacts or dates) it just shuts down. says that it loses contact..

    we really want to keep them, but if we cant get it to work in the next couple of days they are gettting returned..

    andrew andrew
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    I think Palm is very buggy. Or maybe it's Missing sync. I first got missing sync when I was using a cile, and depending on the computer I was using it was either flawless or wouldn't sync at all. I think the problems may have stemmed from remanents of old palm os's lurking in the hard drive. Make sure all your old palm versions (prior to 4.0) are eliminated, as well as the Hot sync extensions, etc. I have about 200 contacts and have no problem syncing, but it took some time to get it working properly. Probably time to zero the drive and begin again, (or buy a new G4!)

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