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    I am unable to Hotsync to my Mac (OS 9.2). So, can I beam my entire address book over from my old Palm? Or do I have to do each record one by one?
    Same for the datebook?
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    Have you searched for other postings here, some extensive, on other Treo user's success in HotSynching to Macs?? Might save yourself a lot of trouble.
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    Select Beam Category from the pull-down menu ... and then select category All
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    On a related matter -- what about the ability to beam the entire date book? At first glance, it seems as if the only option is to select one event and beam it.
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    thanks for the info on "Beam category". I have read the other threads on getting a Mac to hotsync. But, they all refer to OS X. And, I'm still using 9.2. I hope to ugrade very soon.. (once i get the new office software) But, I was waiting until I can reinstall all the new software at once. So, i was hoping there was a solution for the older O.S.
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    I run OS 9.2 and could not sync with the USB cable. I got the serial cable from Handspring and used it with my Keyspan USB-serial adapter (a holdover from my Samsung i300). I use Palm Desktop 4.0 for the Mac and it works flawlessly.
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    A lot of people have had success, including myself with using the IR port if you have one on your Mac to do a sync. It works well.
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    If you want to beam anything including DateBook and address book, go to : <> and look for my Database Utility. It lets you beam anything. Best of all, it is free.
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    I tried to HotSync using my IR port on the powerbook. But, it never seemed to connect. The 300 just set 'waiting for response' or something like that. But, the hot sync never took place.
    I saw this thread discussed before. And, it seemed that several others had the same trouble. Anybody know the solution?
    For now, I'm happy with having beamed over my whole address book. That's a little progress, anyway!

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