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    I have a question regarding wireless web. When you login to with your phone number and password (NOT the Vision username and password), you then can customize your web contents. For example, you can choose the topics (News, Shopping, etc.) and also the links that would appear under the topic (Shopping-eBay, Amazon, etc.) It used to work perfectly when I was using the Samsung I300. Now that I have switched over to the Treo, I can't get it to work any more. No matter what I do on the website, it does not get download into the Treo.

    I have been calling Sprint Wireless Web Support for the last week, and they still can't figure it out. Does any one else has the same problem, and is there a fix? Thanks so much.
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    As I have been told by Sprint's tech. support, this is a system-wide problem. Also, when I inquired about this at a Sprint store yesterday, I was told that the decision was made by Sprint's mgmt. to proceed with the roll-out of 3G even though the various customer support services & features were known not to be ready. We're simply a bunch of beta testers for Sprint!

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