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    I investigated this a bit more. Looks like the URL that we get in a text message when we get a ShortMail is a URL that can only be accessed through UP gateways inside Sprint. Since Blazer does not talk to this UP gateway, Blazer (or for that matter Xiino or Eudora Web) cannot get to this URL. The only way to get to this URL (that I could find) is on an older phone such as the I300 that has a "Sprint Web" micro-browser besides Blazer. I tried various other browsers, and even wrote a small Palm program to talk to the UP gateway and these are my results.

    So, this begs the following:

    1) Looks like on the Treo 300, there is no way to access ShortMail (atleast today). Anyone with contacts inside Sprint or Handspring care to comment on this huge piece of missing functionality?

    2) On the Treo 300, we cannot access the "Sprint Web", which has all the custom PCS vision content syndicated by Sprint. This includes accessing the special WAP/HDML Yellow Pages content from Yahoo. You can go to (HTML), but that is not a Blazer friendly site. Anyone know if we will ever get a Blazer version/configuration that can access the Sprint Web.

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    Try to see if you can get into Yahoo Phone book, etc. that way (using WAP). That is the URL that is used by the Wireless Web Sprint phones.
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    it works now. Seems the sprintpcs website is now allowing for an sms to be sent w/o error. It's been unable to do so since vision was rolled out, I've tried it every day or so. It's quick too, it showed up on my phone about 6 seconds after hitting the send button.
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    I called sprint oday and they said i needed to load version 2.0 of blazer. they said it was available at handspring.

    well it was, there is a $20 charge. the system is brand new why should it cost more?

    did anyone get it free from a website? are there any other web browsers that work?
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    Here is the deal, don't bother trying to upgrade Blazer if you don't need to.

    Blazer does WAP, which is what you need in order to view the Sprint WEB. However, Blazer does things a little different from your typical browser (including the UP browser on the I300). Blazer, in order to try and expidite wireless web traffic and minimize the file download size, has all traffic go from your copy of Blazer to a back-end proxy server hosted by Handspring. In most cases this is a good thing (I.E. anything that will keep my web browsing under 8mb/month=good thing).

    Now, here is the problem. The WAP servers on Sprint WEB are located on the Sprint network, and are firewalled off so that people outside the Sprint network cannot access them. (Why spend all that time and effort on creating WAP content for your customers if Verizon or Cingular customers can just hop on and ride for free). The problem is that Handspring's Proxy servers sit outside of the Sprint network, so the proxy servers cannot access the Sprint servers. "Why", you may ask, "doesn't Sprint just allow the Handspring proxy servers to access the Sprint WEB?" The answer is that all Blazer browsers go through the same proxy servers. This would allow any Blazer user to access Sprint content.

    So, what, you may ask, is the solution? Well, in theory, you should be able to load up a standard WAP browswer that doesn't rely on a Proxy Server, like Blazer or Xiino. I say "theoretically" because I haven't gotten it working as of yet. I tried using Filez to transfer the Up browser from my old I300 phone to my Treo, but it just made my Treo crash. Must be something I300 specific in the code. Kind of ironic, as it seemed like just about every communications app made the I300 crash when I had it. The one that didn't makes my I300 crash. Go figure.

    Anyways. I have also heard it on good authority that (spoiler alert) Sprint is going to launch an enhanced SMS-like service, but it just wasn't ready for the launch of their 3G network. It will allow off line composition of messages, etc. I guess that, seeing as they are charging by the byte instead of by the hour, they wont be raking in the bucks while people type in their SMS messages using graffiti or T9 anymore. However, in typical Sprint fashion, it wont be true SMS, so you won't be able to download and use the multitudes of SMS applications already developed.

    Anyways, dispite the fact that this message probably won't get anybody sending SMS in the next day or so, I hope that it helps anyways. If anybody has any better luck with any of the other WAP browsers out there, please let the group know.

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