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    I'd appriciate some help.

    I had One-Touch installed & working on a hard-wired Visor Pro.

    How come I can't get it to work with my AT&T account?

    Does anybody out there use AT&T?

    I'm trying the whole ipostoffice / imailhost route.

    What am I missing?

    What don't I know about retrieving POP3 email on a Treo?

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    I use One Touch to access my mail account myself. Here are some things that I think you can try.

    What pop3 server are you using? You might want to call up at&t tech support to get the correct address. Actually, if you have a mail client on your desktop that accesses that account, you can look in the Tools/Accounts menu to find the correct pop sever address for at&t. Whatever address you come up with, try to 'ping' it in a DOS window to make sure that it is a valid address (of course, it's going to be valid if you're able to retrieve mail from your desktop mail client).

    One other thing is that when you enter the user name, be sure to enter the whole email address, ie., and just bob.

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