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    Yesterday I was using my T270 fine for phone calls and as a PDA. The battery was getting a bit low and I forgot to put it on the recharger last night. This morning it was competely dead so I put it on recharge. When I later switched it on it went straight into a hard reset so all the data is gone. I don't know whether it hard reset because the battery went competely flat overnight or whether it is some bug in the software that caused it to hard reset. The Treo FAQ's claim your data is OK for three days after it shuts down with a low battery but it appears that it is actually less than 8 hours - rather worrying.

    Has anyone else had experiences with low batteries and were they similar or did it recover correctly.

    Now to go through the tense exercise of restoring the data without wiping what's stored on my PC by mistake

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    Check the threads: this does happen also with batteries fully charged.
    I know it happen to me to be cut off (dead phone) in the middle of a conversation, all data lost!

    It seems that early Treo 270 had battery problem.
    You should try to exhange yours.

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