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    This query is for long-time users of SPCS Business Connection software:

    I have been using SPCS BC on my Wireless Web phone and any internet device since it was originally rolled out and the original configuration of the software in Settings was with my old Wireless Web phone number. I have now gotten my Treo today, logged into BC the same as always via the Web site and changed my settings to reflect the new Treo phone number and my new Vision user name. I downloaded, installed and configured the BC Palm applet for the Treo and did my first sync.

    Lo and behold, no corporate email came through to the Treo. I played with the configuration options for a while in different combinations and found that I could only sync corporate email if I had the old Wireless Web phone numbers both within the BC software settings as well as within the Palm applet on the Treo. Additionally, by checking the Push email option in the applet, the software did a fine job pushing the mail to my old phone.

    What appears to be happening is that the original config of the BC software somehow looks to be "hard" associated with my old SPCS phone number. I have attempted to re-register at the SPCS BC web site and set up a new BC account, but the site is telling me I'm already registered even though I am putting in my new phone number as well as trying my Vision user name.

    Was wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar before I call SPCS tech support? Thanks
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    After further playing with the BC software and options on both the Treo and the Web site, I was able to get the BC functionality working with the Treo.

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