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    Hi! Over the past 3 months, my Verizon bill has huge data charges for my Treo 700p. I do not use the internet on my phone! However, Verizon states that the phone is connecting to the internet, sometimes hours at a time. Is there a setting I need to turn off? My usage hasn't changed, just receive big data charges. Please help!
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    What are the data charges? How much? I use to be on Alltel and did not have data on my phone. Well, when I switched to the Verizon phone because someone took my Alltel phone, they made me get a data package because it was a smart phone. AllTel did not have that policy but I think Verizon started it in Nov '09. If you have a smart phone activated on your account you HAVE to have a $30 per month data package.

    I use my phone all the time on the internet. Checking weather, syncing to a real estate website, I have even watched tv shows while teathering a few times one month when I was having problems with my SUCKY U-Verse internet account and I still did not go over my 5 gig limit.

    When I have my phone on, and it is connected to the internet, it will show 2 small green arrows above my bars. That lets me know that I am connected to the internet. When those bars are gone, I'm not connected to the internet. It took a little time for me to figure that out because the dip sticks at the verizon store did not know how to tell if the phone was actively on line or not. It was to old for them to have the knowledge.

    If you are, really on line, and you want to disconnect from the internet, the only way I know how to disconnect is to power the phonen down then back up. When you power back up it will connect to the network but not the internet.

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