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    I have had a couple of BugMe alarms set off a fatal reset in my Treo. Has anybody else noticed this? It seems to cause it when the phone app is on.
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    Yes, I had this same problem. I uninstalled it.
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    have you tried Diddlebug? I am getting a treo tomorrow and will definitly not use bug me. THX
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    I used it before I had BugMe. BugMe is such a nice program. I am still using it to take quickie notes but I am not using the alarms anymore. The appointments alarms will have to do for now.
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    What version of BugMe are you using? I have V3.4SE and I do not have any trouble with the alarm causing any errors.

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    I have version 3.70f. The alarms crash the Treo when the phone app is running. It does not always occur. It does happen often enough to be really annoying.

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